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Terms & Conditions


Anyone using, viewing or supplying information to this site agrees to abide by these Terms & Conditions.

The terms and conditions are subject to change.

Anyone viewing or using information on this site accepts that the Site's Management staff have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is valid and legally compliant.

Contributors are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and validity of the information that they wish to have displayed, and for conforming with the law. The Management Team is not responsible for contributors' information, pictures or articles.

The Management Team is not responsible for links from being altered or misrouted such that a user does not reach a target site or is routed to a site that they were not expecting.

If you believe anything published on this web site is incorrect or should not have been published, please contact the webmaster immediately, giving your reasons in detail.

In the event that information is published in error, the contributor or author will make reasonable effort to notify the webmaster or site editor to ensure its speedy removal.

The Management Team has the right to refuse to publish any contributor's submissions on this site.

Data Protection Act. All personal information displayed on this site must either be authorised by the owner of the information or already be in the public domain.

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